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September 1950. Warm, but cooling off. Full moon: 26th.

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Jan 14 2018, 03:43 AM
With a sigh, Newt lifted his briefcase onto his desk, and then began to shuffle through the stack of paperwork in his intray. It was almost always full, given how little he actually physically entered his office, but after being away in the Congo for over a month,
it was practically overflowing.<p>
Predictably, Newt wasn't an indoors person. He disliked the office, particularly because of the fact that it had no windows depicting an artificial landscape 'outside'. Even that would have been better than the plain wooden panelling - Newt was always acutely aware that he was deep underground. There were very few personal effects in the room, too. Only a simple photograph of his wife and children stood on the desk. If it hadn't been for the plaque on the door, not quite as shiny as it had once been, no one would have picked that the room belonged to Newt Scamander. He used it simply as a base, and nothing more.<p>
The door itself was currently wide open. Newt was quite used to people popping in and out to see him - once news got out that he was in, there was no stopping them. Having the door open would at least announce that he was open to receiving visitors. It wasn't like he was busy - anything to take him away from the paperwork.<p>
"Hm? Yes?" Hearing a noise at the door, he looked up to see Natalie, a girl from the Auror office with Tina, standing there expectantly.
[/dohtml] @natalie e. moore
Jan 10 2018, 01:34 AM
@porpentina e. scamander[dohtml]
Travelling was something that Newt simultaneously loved and hated. It meant seeing new people, places, things — but it also meant being away from home, often for months at a time. In his youth, of course, that hardly bothered him at all, but these days he actually had something to stay home for. <p>

Though he brought Tina and the kids along on his trips when he could, it wasn't always possible (or even <i>safe</i>). Besides, Tina had her own work to worry about, which often took her away too. And while they were both devoted to their work, being apart had never done Newt much good.<p>

And then, of course, there were the unavoidable delays.<p>

Newt had promised to be back for her birthday when he'd left last month. But the Ministry had been pressing him for more and more, stretching out the trip into the Congo River as long as they possibly could. And now he was three days late for her birthday, meekly standing on the doorstep with a bunch of flowers that had been a last-minute decision.<p>

"Quiet, Leopold, she'll like them. I know she will," he muttered, checking his bow tie quickly before opening the door. But Newt thought he'd hardly convinced himself, let alone the Puffskein hanging onto his coat.<p>

"Hello? I'm home, it's me."
Jan 6 2018, 10:40 PM
<h1>NEWT SCAMANDER</h1><br>
almost everyone who's anyone knows newt scamander for his best-selling guide <i>fantastic beasts and where to find them</i>, and although many people still think he's mad for trying to tame magical creatures instead of destroying them, his approach is certainly turning heads in the wizarding world. still, he's not one to bask in the fame - newt is still much the same awkward, yet kind-hearted soul he was before becoming a household name.<p>

newt is an atypical wizard in almost every sense of the word. he prefers the company of creatures (except perhaps tina, though that's a rather difficult choice to make). he prefers not to jump right into the thick of all the fighting and duelling unless he absolutely has to. he also isn't afraid to show his emotions - in other words, he's never fit into a traditionally masculine role, and it doesn't bother him in the slightest.<p>

as a magizoologist, most of his days are spent in search of new creatures, or taking care of the ones he has, and although he <i>technically</i> works in the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures</i>, you'll hardly ever find him in his office there. though one occasionally does find a rather battered old briefcase lying on the ground.<p>

above all, though, newt is a dedicated family man, devoted to his wife (though her being an auror causes him a significant amount of stress at times), their children, and the numerous household pets he brings home. he likes to think tina doesn't mind.<p>

newt's not the easiest person to make friends with, not because he isn't a nice person, but because people are significantly more difficult for him to interact with than creatures. that said, if you're kind and show some interest in his work, he'll very easily take a liking to you.<p>

newt scamander is well and truly taken by tina and plans to live with her and at least three kneazles well into their old age. sorry.<p>

if you know what he wants, newt isn't particularly difficult to manipulate, even though he distrusts most people upon meeting them. however, he openly despises those who treat muggles as beneath them, much as he despises those who think creatures are beneath them. and he's not afraid to say so, even if it gets him into trouble quite often.<p>
anything else? let me know!

Jan 6 2018, 09:50 PM
[dohtml]<li><ministry>NEWT SCAMANDER</ministry> works at <b>THE MINISTRY</B> as a <b>MAGIZOOLOGIST</B></li>[/dohtml]
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