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October 1950. Chilly and gloomy, rainy. Full moon: 25th.

Welcome to Gods and Monsters! We are an au-Riddle Era roleplay with no word count and a short, freeform application.
05.05 In honor of our one year anniversary, the Halloween event is live! Check out the main group thread and the quick guide to locations available for individual threads!

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04.12 Daily Prophet releases interview with Ministry employee regarding Werewolf Registry.

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03.15 First DAILY PROPHET article has been released after the werewolf incident in Hogsmeade!

03.10Congrats Di on your healthy 9 pound baby boy!!

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Oliver MacDougall will be attending this birthday extravaganza. Costume? Yes: Orpheus, Greek myth.
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[dohtml]<center><div style="height:50px;"></div><div style="width:300px;text-align:justify;padding-right:5px;color:#fff;height:415px;overflow:auto;">

Oliver MacDougall was leaving the Three Broomsticks to go and meet up with Natalie Moore when he heard the cries – no, <i>the howls</i>. He stopped in the middle of the main street once they reached his ears, and he wasn’t the only one; everyone around him seemed to flinch. He couldn't recall ever hearing anything like it; he had heard wolves cry, but never one that sounded quite like this. He didn’t have to glance up at the equinox moon for a suspicion to start to take form.<p></p>

The smart thing to do would have been to retreat back inside the inn, but the Ministry employee wasn’t governed by logic in that moment; it was pure instinct that made him push further down the main street through a now frantic crowd.<br>
In his head–no, in his entire body–he had just a single coherent thought: <i>Natalie</i>. He had to find Natalie. Not because she would <i>need</i> him–as an Auror, she was probably far better equipped to deal with this sort of thing than he was–but he had to find her and make sure that she was okay. That she was safe.<p></p>
The crowd thinned as he stumbled further and further down the main street, and for each step that he took, collisions became fewer and further between.<br>
“NATALIE!” he called out in a voice sharpened by anxiety. Shouting probably wasn’t very smart, either, but right now, Oliver had just one coherent thought, and that thought was about the woman he had loved for over a decade.<p></p>
It wasn’t her fingers that closed around the fabric of his coat in that moment–that much he managed to register before he was yanked to the left.

@jet s-j. mun
<div style="height:50px;"></div>[/dohtml]
Jan 30 2018, 08:31 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="height:50px;"></div><div style="width:300px;text-align:justify;padding-right:5px;color:#fff;height:407px;overflow:auto;">The Three Broomsticks had been magically expanded for the duration of the festival, meaning that Oliver had managed to secure that Natalie and he got separate rooms while they were in Hogsmeade. Sleeping in the same apartment from time to time was one thing; sharing <i>a room</i> at the inn would have been something entirely different, and he would have never dared to even suggest it. The wizard knew himself well enough to know that he would never attempt anything untoward with Natalie, yet he remained painfully aware of the fact that her grandmother would likely <i>force</i> him into a proposal, should she ever hear of such an arrangement.<p></p>

They had arrived half an hour before, and Oliver now sat waiting for the Auror at a table downstairs with two glasses of red currant rum in front of him. The room was buzzing, and festival goers came and went in a continuous flow through the room.<br>
This trip North was a welcome break from the tense climate within the Ministry, and even if the former Hufflepuff had felt bad about abandoning his obligations for a couple of days, he was now convinced that he had made the right decision. For the first time in weeks he felt <i>light</i>, and when in that moment he saw Natalie come down the stairs, he sensed how the corners of his mouth climbed upwards without hindrance. He broke into a smile as he stood up, reaching for a glass to offer her once she made her way to the table.<p></p>

Outside, the sun was sinking behind the beinns in the horizon, and Oliver vaguely registered the arrival of a rare giddiness; being back in Hogsmeade with Natalie after almost a decade was a slightly surreal but far from unpleasant development.<br>
<b>"Ye look lovely."</b> The words slipped out without him realising it, and once he did recognise the voice as his own, he immediately regretted them - not because they were untrue, but because it was extremely rare for him to remark on his friend's appearance.<br>
In spite of this initial slip, the Wizengamot juror managed to preserve his smile as he offered her the glass he held in his hand.</div><p></p>
@natalie e. moore</center>
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