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September 1950. Warm, but cooling off. Full moon: 26th.

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Jan 8 2018, 09:46 PM
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What happened to the post war dream?<p></p>
@mika j. everhart</div>

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Oliver MacDougall finished work with a searing headache. Were he a wise man, he would have gone straight home through the Floo Network, but instead, he found himself heading towards the Leaky Cauldron. It was a habit that he hadn’t yet developed, and he knew that he would have to watch it that he didn’t. Every now and again, a bleak moment would occur, and Oliver would ponder the possibility of him having inherited more from his father than just his nose and his anger; he would ponder the possibility of waking up one morning to the dawning realisation that he also shared with him a proneness to escape.<br>
Escapism did undoubtedly play a part in his decision to make this detour on the way home. Briefly, he had considered stopping by Natalie’s to see if she was there, but something had stopped him at the thought: a strange unease - a child of doubt - that had been growing over the past couple of weeks. He hadn’t thought about it much in the beginning, but when he did start to, it had almost seemed to him like she was consciously avoiding him – and for the life of him, Oliver couldn’t figure out why. Either she really was busy, or perhaps she needed some space. Either way, the Wizengamot member had thought it best not to disturb her.<br>
So instead, he found himself outside the Leaky Cauldron on a remarkably busy evening. The summer evening was pleasantly mild, but once he entered the inn, he was hit with a humidity that was <i>almost</i> unbearable. It brought back memories of a summer spent in Tennessee, and he smiled unconsciously as he edged closer to the bar.<br>
<b>“One Dragon Scale, please,”</b> he ordered while briefly scanning the room for a place to sit. It was a rare thing to see the Leaky Cauldron <i>this</i> full, and it seemed that he only really had one option: a barstool a little further down from where he was standing. He put the Sickles on the bar, grabbed the beer, and then made his way towards the supposedly empty seat.<br>
On the adjacent chair sat a dark-haired wizard, and Oliver paused for a moment to take in his appearance. From the look of it, he was lost in thought – a pleasant one, if he were to judge by the smile that could be seen playing shyly in the corner of his mouth. It was this - the smile’s play - that made the juror feel somewhat bad about interrupting him, but after a moment’s hesitation, he quietly cleared his throat in a sort of prelude to his disturbance.<br>
<b>“I’m so sorry. Do you mind if I sit?”</b> he asked, indicating the barstool next to the dark-haired wizard, <b>”Looks like half of wizarding London felt like they needed a drink tonight.”</b><br>
Through this last addition ran two currents: one sincerely apologetic and the other slightly amused. The Scot rather suspected that it <i>had</i> to be something relating to Qudditch – what else could lure such a large portion of the capital’s magical population out of their homes on a Thursday night? It wasn’t too long ago that Oliver himself had managed to keep up with the developments in the national league, but ever since the murder of Wilhemina Tuft, he had neglected that interest severely. At that moment, it was a pleasant thought, though; that some things did carry on the way they had done ever since the wars ended.

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Jan 7 2018, 07:38 PM
I would love to have a subforum under Character Development as well. For Lanabanana, please <3
Jan 3 2018, 07:34 AM
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Or else your hearts must have the courage<br>
for the changing of the guards


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<font style="font-weight:bold;letter-spacing:1px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size:9px;">Oliver MacDougall</font> has a cat, and he speaks with a pronounced Scottish accent. He is a fairly level-headed wizard who, as one of the more kind-hearted members of the Wizengamot, is growing increasingly frustrated with the reeking pile of Dragon dung that, frankly, is the current political situation in wizarding Britain. Born to a witch and Muggle fisherman, he has never harboured prejudice towards people based on the blood that runs in their veins, and he is a relatively outspoken supporter of Beings’ rights.<br>
At Hogwarts, he was Sorted into Hufflepuff, and with his gentle nature, good-humouredness and love for honest work he fit right in. He wasn’t too out-going, preferring instead to keep with a minor group of friends and confidents. During his Hogwarts years, he was very studious, and ultimately, this reflected on his marks. He briefly considered becoming a Healer but decided instead to go into politics (because <i>that's</i> not a messy affair, right?), starting out as an intern and slowly climbing his way upwards. He has been a member of the Wizengamot for a little over a year, and before that, he served as Junior Assistant to Wilhemina Tuft (1946-9).<br>
In most things that he does, he is motivated by a wish to do good, and he operates based on an understanding of justice as being fundamentally rooted in equality. Only, he finds that doing good is getting increasingly difficult as tensions rise within the Ministry. He feels he keeps running his head against a wall, and inside it, suspicions are starting to brew.<p></p><br>

<font style="font-weight:bold;letter-spacing:1px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size:9px;">Friends:</font> Oliver really is rather down to earth, so if that’s your character’s thing, he’s your man. He is slightly introverted and as a result can appear a little distant – that's only until he feels like he knows you, though, at which point he will become both warm and talkative. He also isn't a man that takes himself too seriously, as has been evidenced, for example, by a <a href=" ">public dance sequence</a> that made Natalie’s ears turn red and further resulted in her refusing to speak to him for <i>at least</i> a day.<br>
Seriously, though, for most of his life, Oliver has been as solid as bedrock, and he rarely allows his worries to show. He is kind and perhaps a little naïve, usually deciding to trust the more flattering option in matters of doubt. I don't see him as a man who has a ton of close friends, but he would have a few, possibly dating back to his school years.<p></p><br>

<font style="font-weight:bold;letter-spacing:1px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size:9px;">Romance:</font> So, this dork fell in love when he was twelve (or at least he started to) – with fellow Hufflepuff Natalie Moore. Over the years, she has come to be his closest friend, but what could seem like an ideal situation is complicated by the fact that he has firmly convinced himself that Natalie is anything but interested in him in a romantic sort of way. He has been in love with her for well over a decade, and as you can imagine, this has resulted in a fair share of heartache on his side.<br>
Partly in search of a distraction from this, and partly in an honest attempt to convince himself that there are other women out there for him, he has tied a thread of serial flings over the years. A few relationships have sprung from these efforts, but the longer they went on, the more obvious it would have become to the partner that he was, in fact, in love with someone else – and who wants to be a placeholder, right? As a romantic partner, Oliver would have been both affectionate and attentive, as caring for other people comes naturally to him. It's just that his heart wouldn't have been in the relationship <i>completely</i>.<br>
This somewhat frantic search has now ground to a halt, however, as Oliver is slowly starting to realise that he will have to confess his feelings to Natalie <i>eventually</i>. But as fate would have it, this realisation has come just as she has started to search for a partner with greater determination.<p></p><br>

<font style="font-weight:bold;letter-spacing:1px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size:9px;">Enemies:</font> By no stretch is Oliver of a violent nature. His temper does flare, however, when he is faced with what he perceives to be an injustice. Then his eyes will shine and his voice find a different edge, and increasingly, he finds that this happens during sessions in the Wizengamot. He is a rather opinionated man, and although gentle, he isn't easily persuaded to back down when he has set his mind on something. Owing to this, I'm sure he would have made some enemies within the Ministry over the years. He isn't one to openly express dislike, but even his patience does have its limits.

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