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Jan 18 2018, 12:29 AM

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Louise needed a drink.<br><br>

It wasn’t often that she could say that, for she really wasn’t that much into drinking (especially alone), but today had been a whirlwind of a day that had gone from bad to worse. She had been sent out on a lead to the possible location of a recently deceased wizard’s stash of numerous artifacts, a haul which could have been quite the impressive feat. Getting to the alleged location in the Swiss Alps had proved more than cumbersome, particularly since she was required to utilize a muggle guide up the side of the mountain. While she could have easily climbed up the face of the mountain using magical means in a matter of minutes, she was instead forced to slug her way up the excruciatingly slow way. While most would have used the spell and then obliviated the guide afterward, Louise thought that was often rather careless and far too risky for her liking. She also wasn’t the best at obliviation, so she would then have to deal with the Ministry while the poor muggle had no clue what was happening. Plus, if there were any other witnesses that managed to go unnoticed, the whole exercise would be pointless anyway, considering there would be another muggle running around, fully aware of what they’d just seen. It was highly likely that she was overthinking it (as was often her way), but Louise still resigned herself to revealing her magic as little as possible.<br><br>

The view had been breathtaking, but that was as far as Louise could go with any positive thoughts on the ordeal. It had been freezing as she made her way up the mountain, and the guide had been far too chatty. Several times Louise had tripped while distracted by how much she wished the guide would stop carrying on about his skiing prowess. After three hours of enduring his incessant chatter, the frigid cold, and the physically taxing climbing, the guide brought her to the cavern dug deep in the face of the cliff where the trove of treasures was supposedly hidden. Louise had used her favorite excuse—top secret fact finding on behalf of the Prime Minister—and her guide had dutifully stood watch at the mouth of the cave as she made her way to the back, wand at the ready to scan for any traps or curses rigged to keep treasure hunters at bay.<br><br>

She’d had to keep herself from screaming in complete and utter frustration when she reached the back of the cavern to find a single message written on the wall: “The treasure you seek is located somewhere that is not here.” While the silly game was actually quite common, especially when it came to larger fortunes owned by more eccentric witches and wizards, it was never a welcome development to Louise. It really just meant more paperwork, an emptyhanded trip home, and the infuriating question of where the real loot could possibly be. The last part was quite possibly the worst of all, for Louise did not do well with unanswered questions. Her whole way back down that bloody mountain she had been fuming and wondering what kind of wild goose chase she was in for now. It was unlikely that the powers that be would simply forget about this alleged fortune; given the rumored size of it, this was not one that would go away on its own. No, it would need to be found, and now that she’d sunk her teeth into it, Louise was determined it be found by her.<br><br>

She was back at the Swiss lodge occupied by a wizard friend to the Ministry, ready to travel by Floo Network to return to Gringott’s. Not entirely calmed down yet, Louise once again pined for some alcohol to smooth over her nerves. She commandeered a seemingly bored owl and jotted down a quick note to send to her favorite drinking partner.<br><br>

Terrible day!!!!! Going to the Leaky—meet me there if you’re so inclined. Will be getting at the firewhisky well and good, rest assured. Louise quickly signed her name with a few x’s and o’s and rolled up the paper to tie to the owl’s leg.<br><br>

“Natalie Moore, please,” she instructed the droll-looking barn owl. “Thank you.” She stroked the owl’s beak in what she hoped was an appreciative gesture and stepped back, watching as he flew off into the frightening cold and not envying him even a little. With a sigh, she went to find her wizard host in order to thank him for his hospitality, especially grateful he was far less talkative than her muggle mountain guide. The formalities out of the way, she threw a handful of Floo powder into the fireplace, clearly instructing The Leaky Cauldron as her destination, and stepped through.<br><br>

She arrived a few dizzying moments later and brushed the ash off herself as best she could, although she knew it was a futile effort and frankly didn’t much care of her appearance. Louise sat down at the bar, ordered her drink from the barkeep, and brought out some fresh parchment and quill from her travel knapsack so she could write a detailed report of the day’s events while they were still fresh in her mind. She sipped the newly arrived firewhisky appreciatively, glad for the warmth that was now spreading through to her frozen fingers.<br><br>

“Lesson learned, the Alps are better left in photographs.”


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Dec 28 2017, 01:41 AM
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If anyone had asked her, Louise was at the Ministry of Magic on official business to submit a report about a boggart.<br><br>

At least, that was her excuse. Earlier that day she had gone to investigate reports of a safety deposit box in a muggle bank that seemed to groan and tremble every so often; the muggles had tried to make sense of it by being perplexed at the idea of a mouse somehow getting trapped between the rows of deposit boxes within the vault. Louise had allowed them to continue on with this explanation, knowing that anything she could offer them would not be as readily absorbed as the one they had already deemed as plausible, even if unlikely. Louise had learned that it was best to allow them to come up with their own elucidations for the magical phenomena they encountered, for it not only saved her from having to think up anything, but it also made it easier for the muggles to accept if they had already had time to come to terms with it. Her own family, even with knowing magic existed and having seen her perform it, still had difficulty accepting actual magical phenomenon and fell back on their muggle explanations more often than not. She had stopped trying to correct them; she had deemed this endeavor futile long ago.<br><br>

Even before arriving in Belgium at the bank located near the city centre of Brussels, Louise had suspected the culprit behind the noisy safety deposit box was a boggart. While she had no idea how a boggart would have made its way into a muggle bank, it was the better outcome compared to some of the alternative possibilities. Gringott’s had intercepted the complaint and sent Louise, disguised as a consultant from the bank’s headquarters to determine what measures needed to be taken to solve the problem. Sure enough, upon inspecting the box in question, Louise had the usual sense of dread she always felt when faced with the task of eliminating a boggart. But this was a different scenario; generally, she would have asked for a moment alone with the item in question and put out the boggart herself (it always took the form of a snake, and after swallowing her terror she would imagine It was a pile of kittens instead of serpent; her relieved laughter would quickly dissipate the spirit). This time, though, the bank manager was absolutely panicked at the idea of leaving the contents of the box alone with the likes of Louise and stuck to her side like glue. Instead, Louise had quickly performed a Muffliato charm while the manager’s back was turned and stealthily stowed her wand away once more. <br><br>
After returning the security box, now with its inhabitant silenced, to its proper place, Louise had checked the records of the owner before returning to Gringott’s via Floo network to research the name. The owner was a rather eccentric and paranoid old wizard, who had decided the Gringott’s goblins were thieves and con artists and no longer trusted the wizarding bank with his life’s savings. Instead, he had chosen a rather small branch of a muggle bank in Brussels, with the reasoning that muggles would have no use for any of the currency stowed away and that it would therefore be safe. Even so, he had determined a boggart would be a sufficient security measure against any potential thieves. Louise had no idea where the old man had even come into possession of a boggart, and was rather irritated that he had most likely charmed the bank manager into never leaving his deposit box unattended and had prevented her from solving the problem herself.<br><br>
Instead, Louise was now forced to pay a visit to the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical creatures, where they would come up with their own plan for eliminating the boggart before any unsuspecting muggles came across it. She reached the reception area by Floo Network and made her way to the lifts, where she stared at the levels thoughtfully.<br><br>
She’d paid many visits to the Ministry before, but last week she’d had a run in with a certain wizard who she hadn’t seen 10 years prior nor in the days since their encounter. Not only had this wizard been frequently on her thoughts, but he also happened to be an Auror. Louise wasn’t sure if Theo spent most of his time in the field or not, or if perhaps he coincidentally was at his desk today. If she ran into him, could she convincingly lie and say that she was lost? That she had gotten off at the wrong floor, and really needed to be two floors above instead? Louise considered this carefully; she wanted to see him again, for reasons she wasn’t exactly certain of yet, but she also did not want to give off the impression that she was pursuing him or anything of the sort.<br><br>

“This is merely an endeavor of curiosity,” she said, firmly and resolutely, as if trying to convince herself that she wasn’t wading into dangerous territory. Any territory that had men in it was off limits to her, as she had promised herself after having to extract herself from her last relationship. She couldn’t trust her judgement, not after spending seven years on that runaway train ride, and so she should really just take the lift down to Level Four, submit her report, and be on her way, without ever stepping foot on Level Two.<br><br>

As if Louise ever listened to reason.<br><br>

“Level Two, please,” Louise directed to the lift, stepping back and idly wondering why she made a habit of making such ill-advised decisions.<br><br>

Within a few short moments the lift chimed and announced the floor, the wrong floor as far as she was concerned, the doors swinging open to reveal the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Before she could think an even remotely sensible thought, Louise stepped off with feigned confidence and not even the foggiest idea of what she would do next.


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Dec 20 2017, 03:51 AM
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Louise’s cupboards were perpetually bare.<br><br>

It wasn’t that she didn’t eat, on the contrary really; if she wasn’t talking or thinking about food, it was because she was too busy eating. She just never seemed to have anything on hand. Her travels meant that she was rarely home, and after growing up in a muggle household, it seemed slightly unsavory to charm her pantry and icebox with a No-Spoil spell. When she had lived in London she rather enjoyed take out, but now here in Yalding her options were supremely limited. Technically she could just pop up anywhere she pleased to have a late dinner, but her appetite was always seriously depleted after apparition and the point was thus defeated. She was really rather shit with all domestic chore spells as she’d never really paid attention to them, and since her mother was a muggle that was really the only help she could call upon. Try as she might, she had never quite caught on to cooking with either magical or muggle means. To no one’s surprise, Joan was, of course, an absolute domestic goddess. Still, Louise didn’t exactly like asking her for help on something as silly as what temperature a chicken should be cooked to. Her sister tended to take on a gleeful satisfaction at any thing she was superior to Louise in; if she was being honest, Joan was better at everything except magic, and if she wasn’t a muggle she would likely be better at that too. <br><br>

While London had so much more, well, everything than Yalding, it also had all of the painful memories of the past few years. She couldn’t go to the same places anymore; everywhere she had once gone had the remnants of him and what they had once shared. Seven years was a long time for someone to be in your life, long enough to make an indelible mark on her entire existence. She’d had a life in London, one that had seemed fulfilling and exciting at the time. Sure, she’d not really had many close friends, but she did have a wide social circle, she’d had her sister, and she’d had her boyfriend. While Louise often had thought that they would end up married one day, in the aftermath of their last breakup she found herself wondering whether what they shared was really love. It had been intense, and full of so many feelings, but now that she had removed herself from the situation she couldn’t exactly determine if love was one of them. They had broken up several times before, only to get back together again, but this last time had an air of finality that hadn’t been present before. Previously she’d somehow known that they would end up together again; this time, though, she knew it just wasn’t there anymore. That was fine by Louise. She had come to terms with the fact that as much as she thought she needed the relationship, it wasn’t true, and that she would be fine on her own. <br><br>

So here she was, in Yalding, the smallest village she had happened across with any vacancies. Her cottage was quaint, about the same size as her London flat, except it was relatively light-filled and much older than her previous home. Ignatia had made herself right at home, delighted in the fact that she actually had a garden to roam and lounge around in. Plus it was less suspicious for the cat to follow Louise about; it was certainly unusual to see a cat follow its owner to the market, but in London it would have been downright absurd. Joan often expressed her disbelief at Louise’s cat and how peculiar her behavior was, but she often had difficulty accepting just how different the wizarding world was. Even seemingly innocuous pets behaved differently with magical influence, as Louise kept explaining, yet her sister was not one to be open minded about much of anything.<br><br>

Louise shook herself from her thoughts and glanced over the bare shelves once more. She sighed, closing the cupboard, and made her way to the front door to collect her handbag to head into town. Ignatia stood by the door, blinking slowly and expectantly. It was as if she, too, was dismayed at the state of their foodstuffs.<br><br>

“Well, Ig,” Louise said, gathering up her purse and stowing her wand in the waistband of her skirt. “I’m not sure what you want of me. I can only do my best!” She realized she was being defensive to a cat who had said nothing at all, but still felt it necessary to explain herself.<br><br>

Ignatia let out a wide, dramatic yawn and followed Louise out the door. The weather was actually quite lovely, warm as the tail end of summer is, and the breeze was more tamed than it had been recently. She breathed in deeply and admired the openness of her surroundings; while it didn’t have the static electricity of the bustling city, the air seemed fresh and full of a promise she hadn’t felt in London. Besides the wand tucked safely away under her blouse and the cat following obediently behind her, Louise felt as if she could be an ordinary person, something she greatly appreciated about living in muggle communities. She loved being a witch, of course, and was grateful every day for her magic, but she had been raised as a muggle and felt it was a deeply ingrained part of her. <br><br>

“Alright, Ignatia. It’s not far to civilization and it’s best we lay low. I can’t have a cat following me about, it’s just too strange,” Louise chided. She checked behind her shoulder but knew her pleas would be in vain. The cat had dropped back to a respectable distance but did not seem to have any intentions of not accompanying her the entire way. She shook her head and resigned herself to having a cat follow her all the way to the market. Hopefully the Yalding residents found it charming, rather than suspicious. <br><br>

It wasn’t a far walk to Yalding proper, and soon enough Louise and Ignatia had arrived at the small shop where she could pick up a few items. Louise shot a warning glance at the cat as she swung open the door, mentally pleading with her to act normally. She smiled and raised a hand to the shopkeeper but kept moving, enjoying her relative anonymity while it lasted.


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Dec 19 2017, 02:17 AM
<s>louise owen ----- heirloom seeker</s>
Dec 19 2017, 01:29 AM
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