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Gods and

October 1950. Chilly and gloomy, rainy. Full moon: 25th.

Welcome to Gods and Monsters! We are an au-Riddle Era roleplay with no word count and a short, freeform application.
05.05 In honor of our one year anniversary, the Halloween event is live! Check out the main group thread and the quick guide to locations available for individual threads!

04.30 "Have you been invited to Druella Black's Birthday party at the Black Manor?" Everyone had been invited to her Gods and Monsters themed birthday party. Check out the event rules, the RSVP & costume registry, and the announcement!

04.12 Daily Prophet releases interview with Ministry employee regarding Werewolf Registry.

03.30Jobs claim has undergone revision. Check out the announcement here

03.18 It is officially October! Check out the ANNOUNCEMENT for all the details and important updates! Check out our current poll here.

03.15 First DAILY PROPHET article has been released after the werewolf incident in Hogsmeade!

03.10Congrats Di on your healthy 9 pound baby boy!!

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May 5 2018, 11:06 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-site-template">
<h1>The Black Manor</h1>
<h2>main group thread</h2>
<div class="maincontent">

<img src="" width="320px"/>

<h3>Black Manor: October 30th, 1950</h3><p>

The normal aura of the Black Manor had changed from a murky gloom, to a beacon of life and light. The walls were lit, the hedges trimmed, the trees, whose leaves had fallen weeks ago, were lit up by floating lanterns. The stone walls of the manor were decorated by real grape vines, crawling up the second story; the greek pillars that lined the entrance way, and bordered the backyard, had the same grape vines wrapped around them.
A red carpet ran down the long driveway, and then up the stairs and into the house, where guests would be met by house elves to have their coats checked. The grand staircase hugs the foyer, where an animated marble statue of the greek goddess Hekate, the goddess of witchcraft, acts like the gatekeeper with her three heads. One facing towards the door, the other looking left towards the lounge and billiard room are located, and the third looking right, where the ball and dining rooms are located. The foyer, as well as these other accessible rooms are decorated in the same ancient greco-style, complete with various moving statues of mythological creatures, monsters, and gods. <p>

<img src="" width="320px"/>

If you move through the hallway situated between the grand staircases, it will lead you to the large backyard of the Black Manor, where you will find yourself on a balcony between two more staircases leading down to a patio and a large pool filled with lit up lily pads and rose petals. In the center of the pool is the flirting statue of Aphrodite upon a scallop shell, holding a pitcher that pours water into the pool. Two more animated statues are seated on each banister of the staircases; Apollo on the right, Artemis on the left, each holding their bows to the sky, shooting fireworks into the air. On their crowns respectively are the sun and the crescent moon.<p>

Underneath the balcony, between the two staircases is a large, plush, white-gold lounging sofa, there seated the pregnant birthday girl, Druella Black. Garbed as the Queen of Olympus herself, she lays cradling her stomach, surrounded by pillars, presents, and narcissus flowers. Seated next to her is her white ragamuffin cat, Narcissa, nestled next to her owner's legs that laid modestly along the sofa. The red carpet leads towards Druella, coming out the door, down the stairs and filling the floor beneath her. At the mouth of this circled area are two centurions; statues with spartan helmets and sharp spears that quite literally guarded her.<p>

<b>Guests are permitted to the second floor, where they will find access to the balcony, looking over the gorgeous view of the pool, the gardens and vineyard, ponds, and the forest that surrounds the Black Manor.</b> Waiters can be found poolside and in the dinning and ball area serving both cocktails and appetizers. A buffet is provided in the dining area, as well as gorgeously white and gold decorated tables to be seated at. The house and perimeter of the yards are charmed by a warmth spell so the conditions to swim and be outside are enjoyable. Music is also being played by a band situated at a gazebo, and can be heard mostly outside, and dimmed from the inside. <p>

Areas that guests are prohibited from entering are the third floor, where the master bedroom is located, Cygnus' study and offices, Druella's powder room, the master baths and private pools, the wine cellar, the basement, and the kitchens. The two-story library is open to guests so long as the books and scrolls are taken care of and are not taken out of the library. All rule breakers will be escorted out by angry grecian statues.

Apr 30 2018, 09:50 PM
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<h1>Halloween Event</h1>
<div class="maincontent">

Hello Monsters!<p>
As you can see, we have opened up the first part of the Halloween event. We're starting off with the RSVP and the optional Outfit Thread. <p>
<strong>It should be noted</strong> that actual threading has not begun. Please do not start threads until we have posted the first 'official' in character thread. <p>
<h3>What to Expect </h3>
On Friday, May 4th, we will be creating a subforum specifically for the Black Manor within the event forum. This subforum will play host to the main thread but can also be used for individual threads. Please read the initial thread for setting details.<p>
For further information, please read over the Rules.

<h3>-GM Staff</h3>
Apr 30 2018, 06:27 PM
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<h1>More like "Guidelines"</h1>
<h2>mandatory read.</h2>
<div class="maincontent">

Please read the following before joining the event.

<li> Please post in the RSVP</li>
<li>Remain aware of personal messages or announcements from Staff during the event.</li>
<li>Random events can and will happen, please notify Staff if you would wish to remain out of these.</li>
<li>No powerplaying, etc etc.</li>
<li>Have fun!</li>

Apr 30 2018, 06:25 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-site-template">
<h1>RSVP & Costume Registry</h1>
<div class="maincontent">

Since this is a social gathering which includes costumes, we have felt it necessary to require an RSVP and costume registration. This allows no accidental duplication but only very purposeful ones. If your character is not attending in costume, please fill out the RSVP form anyway.
<h3>How To</h3>

Reply to this thread with the following: <p>

-Character Name Here- will be attending this birthday extravaganza. Costume? Yes/No. If yes: Please say who you will be attending as (for example, Hades, Zeus, any manner of mythological monster).

<h3>The Guest List</h3>
<li>Druella Black: Hera- Greek Goddess</li>
<li>Lucretia Prewett: Persephone- Greek Goddess</li>
<li>Morrigan Lupin: Morrigan - Celtic Goddess</li>
<li>Osiris Avery: Osiris- Egyptian God</li>
<li>Antonin Dolohov: Anubis - Egyptian God</li>
<li>Orion Black: Dionysus- Greek God.</li>
<li>Beatrix Nott: Victoria - Roman Goddess.</li>
<li>Jocunda Sykes: Abeona - Roman Goddess</li>
<li>Abraxas Malfoy: Apollo - Greek God</li>
<li>Ephraim Nott: Khnum- Egyptian God</li>
<li>Tom Riddle: Satan/Lucifer- Judeo-Christian </li>
<li>Ignatius Prewett: Hades- Greek God</li>
<li>Louise Owen: Sif - Norse Goddess</li>
<li>Walburga Black: Aphrodite- Greek Goddess</li>
<li>Cedrella Weasley: Iris- Greek Goddess</li>
<li>Septimus Weasley: Hermes - Greek God</li>
<li>Damocles Belby: Gleipnir - Norse</li>
<li>Theodore Wood: Thor - Norse God</li>
<li>Caradoc Ackerly: Loki - Norse Goddess (lol cus his hair)</li>
<li>Rafe Lestrange: Kokou- Yoruba Religion</li>
<li>Araselli Zaragoza: Adiona- Roman Goddess</li>
<li>Natalie Moore: Eurydice- Greek Myth</li>
<li>Odelia Shafiq: Brigid- Celtic Goddess</li>
<li>Oliver MacDougal: Orpheus- Greek Myth</li>
<li>Charis Black: Athena- Greek Goddess</li>
<li>Adonis Flint: Ares- Greek God</li>
<li>Jacqueline Bones: Hestia- Greek Goddess</li>
Apr 30 2018, 06:24 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-site-template">
<h1>Outfit Thread</h1>
<div class="maincontent">

Hello, hello! <p>
For this type of event we decided to open up an outfit thread for you all to post what your characters will be wearing while attending. This is entirely optional, but if you character <strong>is</strong>wearing an outfit, please be sure to register it here. It would be <i>so embarrassing</i> if we had five Medusa's attending the party.<p>
<h3>How To</h3>

This is all very simple. You can make an outfit where ever you like and then reply to this thread with offered code below. <p>
Be highly encourage you to utilize mediums such as pinterest or one of the sites we've linked here. You can also directly link portions of your outfit! <p>
In addition, please try to be as period appropriate as possible. It is not entirely necessary for this event due to the nature of the party!<p>
-Character Name Here-: Will be wearing -link to outfit-

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